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Puerto escondido, Mexico

A beutiful surfing place with Tuluminati vibe and very little internet.

I recently visited the surfers' paradise, also called Puerto Escondido, and in this blog post, I will share my experience, where to live, where to eat, when to travel and some extras. At the end of the blog post, please leave a quick comment to know how you enjoy my experience and if there is something else you want to know.

As far as Mexican beach destinations go, Puerto Escondido hits a sweet spot: moderately developed, laid back, well-touristed but still blissfully free of the sterile resorts and hordes of spring breakers in Cancún and other hotspots.

Fast Facts about Puerto Escondido

  • State in Mexico: Oaxaca State
  • Municipality: San Pedro Mixtepec
  • Elevation 60 m (200 ft), a big change from Oaxaca City!
  • Local dialing code: 954
  • Postal code: 71980
  • Population: 29,903 (updated as of the 2020 census)
  • Time zone: UTC-6 (CST)

Where to live

Location of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

So let me tell you a few things about Puerto Escondido. Before communing here, you need to get prepared to see a lot of homeless dogs and have super lousy internet. It's a very chill place in the development stage, and there are three parts of the little town:

  • Rinconada
  • La Punta
  • Adoquin
  • Mazunte
  • Zipolite

🤌🏻 If you are in anyways similar to me, you will need internet, and you will want to live near a coworking place. There are several options you can book:

  • In the city centre, the pueblo area, there is Losodelis coliving and working and Paulina coworking
  • On the beach area, there is Selina coliving and coworking
  • In La Punta, the place where I was staying, there is Blason cafe that has a great Coworking area which is the best and cheapest option

I lived in the centre and La Punta. You will need to know that Puerto Escondido is pretty much a town for chilling and surfing. It's comparable with Tulum but way cheaper with minimal infrastructure.

It's currently trending on Nomad List, chilling in a lovely position at the 14th place on the list with some weird data, like the internet being excellent and the safety point being super low. I was experiencing quite the opposite, as the internet connection mainly was terrible and the whole place was extremely safe. I have heard of a few individuals being robbed at gunpoint, but honestly, nothing ever happened to me, even though I lived in the city for two months. 

Screenshot from Nomad List

Best Places to Work in Puerto Escondido

  • Selina
  • La Julia
  • Cafe Nopal
  • Cafe Losodeli
  • Sativa
  • Cafe Azul

When to visit Puerto Escondido?

As you can see from the map above, Puerto Escondido is right on the coast and not far from the famous resort town of Huatulco. See the "Getting there" section below for access to the region. However, from Oaxaca, it's not as straightforward as it seems.

If you don't mind crowds, visit anytime from January through May or October through December — those are the drier months, ones where you will not be prey for a cloud of angry, hungry mosquitos. Or, a little fewer mosquitos at the very least!

If you want to avoid the crowds, I'd also carve out the weeks of spring break in Mexico (for this year, it's April 6-17th, 2020) and the Christmas holidays, when the beaches are packed with tourists from Mexico and elsewhere.

15 Things to do in Puerto Escondido

3. Swim with Dolphins in the Wild
  1. Go Birdwatching on a Tour of Manialtepec Lagoon near Puerto Escondido
  2. Take a Bioluminesence Tour of Manialtepec Lagoon at Night
  3. Swim with Dolphins in the Wild
  4. Go Whale Watching in Puerto Escondido 
  5. Release Baby Sea Turtles in Mazunte and along Oaxaca’s Coast 
  6. Explore Archeology on a Day Trip to San Pedro Tututepec  
  7. Experience an Unforgettable Pacific Coast Sunset
  8. Go Horseback-riding and Soak in Hot Springs
  9. Grab a Fishing Rod and Enjoy Lunch on a Secluded Beach
  10. Go Swamp Trekking at Barra de Navidad
  11. Go Surfing in Puerto Escondido
  12. Witness a Sea Turtle Nesting at La Escobilla Nesting Beach
  13. Go Skydiving at Zicatela Beach 
  14. Go Hiking in Coffee Country 
  15. Plunge into a Wild Jungle Waterfall 

12 Weird foods to try in puerto escondido

8. Nopal Cactus 
  1. Chapulines
  2. Tamales de Tichinda
  3. Salsa de Chicatanas – Ant Salsa 
  4. Huauzontle
  5. Cuitlacoche – Black Corn Fungus  
  6. Tinchuiche (river anchovies) – A Hands-on Cooking Class 
  7. Mezcal de Pechuga at a Mezcaleria 
  8. Nopal Cactus (you can buy tacos made out of pure napal in Chedraui)
  9. Oaxacan Hot Chocolate
  10. Moles – Red, Black, Yellow, Green and Other Types
  11. Paletas
  12. Fish Tacos

My list of top restaurants and bars 😁

  1. Mundaka Pizza Resturant (the worst on the list)
  2. AMOKI Restaurante
  3. Cafe Blason Coworking
  4. Punta Brasas
  5. The best restaurant in town - Adan
  6. Comeder Tere

and here are the actual reviews:

Mundaka Pizza Resturant 🤙🏻
AMOKI Restaurante 🤙🏻
Cafe Blason Coworking🤙🏻
Punta Brasas 🤙🏻
The best restaurant in town - Adan
Comeder Tere

If you decide to check it out, let me know with a quick comment, and I wish you an awesome day.

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