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Upwork Mastery

Learn how to get regular projects on upwork

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About the course

Understanding how to freelance on Upwork can help you navigate through the waters and be successful as a professional freelancer. There are many different aspects you need to master in order to be successful on Upwork, and in this course, you will learn how to get started, get consistent freelance projects and scale your freelance business on Upwork

Welcome to the Upwork Mastery course. Here is a quick overview of what to expect and how the course will benefit you.

With Freelancing I was able to start my career and get an amount of freedom and income I would never expect to get at with working a regular job. Remember, the world is bigger than your local city, small town, or even country. You can reach everyone who needs your skills and is more than happy to pay you an appropriate amount of money for it.

I am working as a freelance professional for over 10 years now and am using my personal freelancer brand as one of my fully automated businesses to work only on things I really choose to work on.

What you will learn

The course is structured to walk you through the processes of:

1. Creating your professional freelance profile

2. Success hack your offer for trust and credibility

3. Building a marketing bidding system

4. Creating a professional management plan

5. Starting to automate your new freelance system

While it may seem overwhelming at first to get started freelancing on Upwork, you can become successful following these steps and not giving up. Working through the course will help give you a stable footing and the knowledge you need to take your business to the next level.

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