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#8 Freelance Mastery: How To Start Generating Leads

Learn how to set your goals to become a freelance professional

Generating leads is an essential part of finding success as a freelancer. In this article, you’ll discover how to do this the right way. 

Once you have discovered the target market that you are going to pitch to and you understand your deliverables, you need to start finding clients as a freelancer. To do this, you need to know about the sales funnel. 

The sales funnel is how you’re going to organize the process that you use to get clients. Many freelancers struggle to find work because they don’t have a process in place. We’re going to help you avoid this scenario and ensure that you do get the calls that you want with an effective solution. 

With the right process, you can actively seek the right people. To do this, you need to be comfortable with selling yourself. The good news is that hard selling isn’t necessary. You just need to make sure that you are offering something that clients want. 

How Can You Generate Leads?

A common mistake is getting stuck with the fact that you don’t know anyone you want to pitch your services to. Instead of looking at it from this angle, you should decide who you are searching for. This links back to finding your target audience. Once you do this, you’ll find it easier to discover the name and contact information you need. Essentially, you have to be specific about the leads that you want. 

When you know who you want, it will become clear where to find them. For instance, if you’re looking to target growing startups then you might want to begin with the inc. 500. 

Make Sure You Target Visible People

When you target leads, you need to make sure that you know as much about them as possible. As such, you do need to target visible people who talk about themselves as well as their business.

Bloggers are a fantastic example. They love to talk about themselves and their business. However, there are other sources to explore as well. This includes:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Business Mags
  • Online Forums

A key benefit of targeting visible people is that they are going to have lots of connections. You’ll even be able to reach “low-profile” leads that are a lot more difficult to find. 

Set Your Goals

Finally, when you’re generating leads, you need to make sure that you are working with set goals. Think about how many leads that you are aiming to generate each week. This can be as many as you feel comfortable with while avoiding burnout. 

Define the leads that you want and then move forward from there. You can also write a list and ensure that you have concrete information to work with. 

Ideally, you should spend about ten minutes each day keeping track of your leads and ensure that you know which ones are worth pursuing.

Lead generation can be tricky at first. But once you have the right structure in place, you’ll find it’s easy to accomplish your goals. 

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