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#9 Freelance Mastery: How To Qualify Leads

Learn how to get high quality leads as a freelance professional

Qualifying your leads will ensure that you are pursuing the right people who are interested in your services. In this guide, you’ll discover how to do this. 

In the freelance industry, finding leads is only part of the puzzle. You then need to make sure you understand how to qualify leads. By doing this, you can ensure you know which ones are worth exploring further. This involves asking deep questions that allow you to understand your prospect’s mindset and what they are searching for. Once you do this, you’ll be able to close the sale. 

How Do Qualify Leads

By qualifying leads, you’ll be able to discover whether they are interested in what you have to offer. This is going to allow you to focus on the ones that will provide real potential for your business. 

Lots of people will sign up for your email list for a variety of different reasons. People you know personally might seem like good leads, but they will likely never pay for your services. 

By qualifying a lead, you will build up information about them so you can determine whether they would pay you as a client. 

Why Is Qualifying Leads Crucial?

Qualifying leads will make your process far more efficient. It will help you avoid wasting hours or an entire day pitching to a lead only for them not to respond or disappear without a trace. 99% of the time, you shouldn’t pitch to someone who might not have any interest in the first place. 

The 5-Line Email Pitch

This is a great way to qualify leads. It allows you to create an email with:

  • Introduction - Saying who you are and how you found them
  • Offer - What you can offer and why you are the right solution
  • Benefit - address their pain points and show them how your solution would work
  • Foot-in-the-door - present the idea of going further and ask if they are interested
  • Call-to-action - ask if they want ideas and suggestions on how you could help. 

In each step, you need to show that you understand the client, who they are, and what their issues are. 

Why Does This Method Work?

Through the five-line email pitch, you will be able to demonstrate:

  • Who you are and how you know the target lead
  • Why you’re writing and how you can offer value
  • Reassurance that they don’t need to commit
  • Make it easy to say yes or no 

If they say yes, you will then be able to immediately follow with a more detailed email. Since you have qualified the lead, they will be more likely to read an email like this. By responding positively to the five-line email pitch, they have shown a willingness and eagerness to connect with you. 

We hope this helps you understand the best ways to qualify leads and ensure that you are not wasting time on the wrong people. With the right structure for qualifying leads you can narrow leads down to a yes, no or a maybe. The people who say ‘maybe’ are the ones that you can continue to pursue. 

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