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#2 Freelance Mastery: How To Pick Your Field

Learn how to pick a field to become a freelance professional

It’s a misconception that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you need some sort of ground-breaking idea. In fact, it’s perhaps more important to follow consumer behaviors and current trends in the market. Many freelancers start out without a definitive idea and need to spend time analyzing various factors to pick their field. If you would like to be your own boss, but have yet to decide on your freelance field, there are a few questions you can ask yourself. These should help you understand which is the best path for you.

What are your skills and strengths?

You don’t necessarily need a unique talent to become a freelancer as there are certain soft skills that can be more important. In your current or previous jobs, what transferable skills have you learnt, for example? Perhaps you prefer technical work or are more of a people person. You could brainstorm a list of these. This way you can try to relate these skills and strengths to a relevant freelance field.

What are your interests and passions?

Even if your chosen freelance field isn’t necessarily your dream job it should still align with your interests and passions. It’s more challenging to work in an area you aren’t interested in at all. You could also break aspects of the job down. For instance, the type of work involved whether it’s creative, practical, or gives the opportunity to work closely with other people.

How do you prefer to work?

Consider other practicalities. Would you prefer to pick a freelance field as a sideline or turn it into a full-time job? Try to imagine a typical day in the role and decide whether this sort of schedule would suit you. Think about the potential other people involved in your chosen job and whether you would enjoy interacting on a daily basis.

Is there supply and demand?

Even if you have a genuine passion or talent there ideally needs to be supply and demand. Research the current market and find out if there’s a need for your products or services. It’s not a problem if you have a few rivals, but you’ll need to figure out how you can gain a competitive edge, which brings us to the next point...

Have you researched your competitors?

It’s unlikely that your business idea will be completely unique, although you can determine your unique selling point (USP) by researching your competitors. This will also give you a bit of data on their marketing efforts and other tactics. Here are few tips to get you started:

  • Check them out on social media
  • Network at virtual industry events
  • Find out about their pricing
  • Study their content marketing tactics and website
  • Read their customer reviews

Picking the right freelance field can be challenging and there are a lot of factors to bear in mind. Hopefully this quick guide has given you a few things to think about. If you would like further information on becoming a freelancer, find out more today.

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