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#5 Freelance Mastery: How To Identify the Benefits Your Clients Want

Learn how to identify the benefits your clients want pick a field to become a freelance professional

One of the biggest challenges with freelancing is truly understanding what your client wants. When you are working from home and you don't see your client face-to-face, it is very easy to find yourself on different pages. This is why you need to make a dedicated effort to truly understand the benefits your clients are trying to gain by using your services. With that being said, below, we are going to take a look at some of the different things you can do to understand the benefits your client wants. 

The first step is to make sure you communicate with the client thoroughly beforehand. Don't simply dive into the project with little thought and consideration for what is needed. Sometimes, you can receive a small brief and it can feel great because there is not a lot of information to sift through. However, you need to be careful. A vague brief does not always mean that you have the license to do anything you want. It could be that the client does have a specific idea in mind but they simply have not conveyed it properly. This is why it is critical to make sure you check in with your client prior to starting any project.

It is also a good idea to have regular check-ins with your client. Let's say you've secured a job to deliver 100 blog posts to a client. After you have done the first few, send them over to the client to check before you continue with the rest. Rewriting three articles will certainly be an easier pill to swallow than rewriting 100. You may want to schedule regular check-ins and reviews depending on the size and nature of your project. 

A final piece of advice is to schedule a video call with someone. It is a lot easier to connect with someone when you are speaking with them face to face rather than via email. The software that is available today enables you to share files and documents while talking. You can even share your screen so that you can demonstrate things and vice versa. It is much easier to make sure you are on the same page if you schedule in a video chat. With software like Zoom, it is easier than ever before. Skype is also a good option and most people already have it installed.  

So there you have it: some of the different things you can do and the steps you can take to truly understand what your clients want when freelancing. It takes a bit of effort but it is worth it in the end because it ensures that you end up wowing your clients and delivering what they are looking for. There is nothing more disheartening than putting your all into a piece of work only to discover you were on an entitely different page and you've done something different to what your client expected. By following the advice and suggestions mentioned above, you can significantly reduce the chances of this happening. 

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