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#12 Freelance Mastery: How To Get More Leads Using Classified Ads

Learn how to get more leads with classified ads as a freelance professional

As a freelancer, it’s important that you are doing everything possible to generate more leads that will hopefully convert into clients for you. The world of freelancing can be an unpredictable one and so it’s great to continuously build up your client base. With that being said, classified ads can be helpful in advertising your services, so here are some tips on how to use them to your advantage.

Find the right sites for your ads

There are many classified ad sites out there to choose from and in order to benefit the amount of value you’d get from each ad is down to what sites they go on. With that being said, take an initial look at all the sites that have piqued your interest and that you feel will match to what you’re offering as a freelancer. 

There might be more niche websites that cater to your services or products more so than others and it’s better to focus your attention on a few quality ones than on a variety that perhaps don’t have as much influence. Give yourself the time to begin with to study these sites before choosing them.

Be descriptive with your ad

Your ad needs to stand out and part of that is by being descriptive in your services and ensuring that the ad lists everything that you want to get across to that potential lead. Remember, you’re going to be competing with a lot of other classified ads and if there are some similar to yours, figure out what is going to get yours to the top of the pile.

It needs to be the most attractive and appealing one on the site, so try to spend some time on the ad itself when it comes down to the content.

Avoid over-exaggerating the truth

Over-exaggerating the truth isn’t going to be very helpful. If anything, it could ruin your chances of not only securing the lead but also gaining others. With that being said, try to avoid putting in any fake information that you perhaps can’t offer to your customers.

Be honest and genuine in what it is you offer as a freelancer because that will hopefully draw in the right clients for you. It’s also important to walk before you can run and by over-exaggerating your skills or knowledge, it might end up biting you back later on.

Add in some imagery where possible

Imagery is an important part of classified ads because as much as they can be descriptive, they’re boring to look at. Imagine scrolling through endless pages of ads that don’t have any imagery to go with it. It’s very easy for leads to switch off or just perhaps pick the first one that appears and that matches their requirements. 

Adding in an image can be a great way of drawing the customer’s eye to your ad, so incorporate one where you can.

Classified ads can certainly be helpful as a freelancer, so use these tips to your advantage when creating freelance classified ads.

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