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#13 Freelance Mastery: How To Do Awesome Work

Learn how to do awesome work as a freelance professional

Being a freelancer means you have to constantly be on your A-game. It’s a career in which you have to constantly be working hard to help retain the clients you have, whilst securing new leads for any future work. The work you provide as a freelancer is important because when you’re selected by a business or individual, they’re expecting value for money. Here are some helpful tips for doing awesome work as a freelancer.

Remember every client is different

Regardless of what you do as a freelancer, remember that every client or customer is different. With that said, you might need to focus on offering a tailored experience for each and every person or company that pays for your services or products. By giving them the best experience first-time around, you better your chances of them coming back.

That’s what most businesses and freelancers will want when it comes to customers - repetition.

Don’t get comfortable with your best

As a freelancer, your work and effort is naturally set at a higher expectation and standard than those employed within a company. So with that in mind, being comfortable or putting yourself into a position where you’re not pushing or challenging yourself is risky.

Always look to see what you can do better and how you can make your services or products better than they are already. There’s always room for improvement because nothing is ever perfect!

Stay organized

When it comes to freelancing, staying organized is key. Why? Well because there’s a lot of elements to juggle that aren’t typical of someone who works full-time in a company. Not only are you managing yourself but you’re effectively running a business. If you work with clients, then you might have multiple clients on your rosta and so that can prove quite challenging to manage.

If it’s chaos, then that’s only going to have a knock-on effect with everything else. Try to find things that help whether it be using an online tool or software to structure your day a bit more efficiently.

Try not to be driven by money

It’s very easy to see the dollar signs and get sucked into that mindset of everything you do as a freelancer, being about money. That’s definitely not the case and if you do have that mindset, then it could certainly end up hindering your efforts to be more successful with your work.

There are going to be times where you don’t earn a lot of money and times where you will. Focus on nurturing leads and creating those incredible customer experiences that are going to bring them back again and again. That’s where the money lies and that’s where progression and success can also be made.

Doing freelance awesome work takes time and growth is part of that work. As mentioned above, try not to get comfortable or set in your ways. Challenge yourself as a freelancer and always strive to do better in everything that you’re doing, day in and day out.

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