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#6 Freelance Mastery: How To Define Your Deliverables

Learn how to define your deliverables to become a freelance professional

Creating a service offering can provide you with greater success as a freelancer. This guide will show you how to master this step. 

If you are just stepping foot on the freelance market, then you could be rushing to try and gain the interest of clients. A lot of new freelancers make this mistake and completely forget to define their deliverables. 

As a freelancer, you need to be able to show that you can provide the solutions that clients want, instead of simply asking for work. This is going to ensure that you attract the interest of more clients 

Essentially, you need to show what you’re going to offer and how you’re going to deliver the desired results. 

What Is A Deliverable?

A deliverable is something that a client receives after providing you with payment. For your deliverable to be effective it needs to be:

  • Concrete
  • Specific 
  • Deliver value

You must put your deliverables in a form that makes it easy to understand exactly what you can provide. For instance, using numbers is useful because it’s straight to the point. It should also tie back to key benefits. 

Focus On The Upsell

When defining your deliverables, you shouldn’t just think in terms of what you can offer clients the first time. Instead, you should consider what you can deliver if they choose to hire you again with a focus on the up-sell. 

You need to be prepared to offer your clients something big and better next time they recruit you. This is going to strengthen your relationships and your position on the market. 

You should try and set up a ladder of deliverables by choosing:

  • Explorables
  • Pre-project
  • Main Project 
  • Everything else

Once clients trust that they can deliver what you need, they will always be open to more possibilities in the future. Even if your client isn’t focused on the ladder, you should be. 

Plan As Many Deliverables As Possible

When it comes to deliverables, more is always better. However, they have to all be concrete, specific and valuable. If they are too vague or you are not providing concrete information on what you can offer, then a client will have no reason to hire you. 

You should aim to plan as many deliverables as possible without copying other people. This will ensure that you do stand out. However, if you need further inspiration, you can check out the websites of other freelancers. 

This will give you a firm idea of what your competitors are bringing to the market. If you’re new it can feel like you are well behind the rest of the crowd. However, it’s important not to be discouraged. Remember, with the right deliverables, you will always gain the interest of the clients you need. 

We hope this helps you understand how to define your deliverables and ensure that you do make a fantastic impression with new clients. The right deliverables will help put you in the right position on the market and build up the relationships you need.  

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