Learn How To Freelance

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5 job, working on a same tasks for years without learning more skills?

Are you able to build your portfolio for your future career?

Are you able to earn more money when taking on new tasks and responsibilities?

With The Freelance Mastery Coaching, you will learn how to work from whenever you choose to, on tasks that fuel your career and make you more valuable on the market of your choice.


become a freelance professional NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE

You bring the creativity and passion. We teach you the skills you need to succeed as a freelance professional. It all happens online, no matter where you are.
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Step-by-step business building ROADMAP

I will take you through every step of running and growing a successful freelance business.
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done-for-you business resources

Cutting edge strategies for attracting your ideal clients through the latest channels and the tactics that are working in today’s dynamic digital market.
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Hiring &

Entering the digital age with hiring and management strategies for completely virtual teams to fulfill your clients needs wherever they are.
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Deploying technology and people across business systems for maximum efficiency across your digital system.
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How to look at your entire business system from a bird’s eye view to optimize systems for efficiency and maximize results down to the smallest detail.
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bi-weekly calls with your mentors

Get support and build momentum on weekly calls with Andrej and your fellow students.

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Learn everything you need to build a successful freelance business

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to invest to start freelancing?
You can start your freelance business for $0 and up. In the course we break down ways of spending $0 to get your first sales, ways of spending $100, or even $1000. In the end it comes down to how much time, money, and energy you have extra to invest in your business.If you want to spend less money, it will take more time, if you want to spend more money, it will take less time. But that's the great thing about freelancing, no matter your starting situation, there's a strategy that will suit you, and we show it to you. For example if you have a day job and only a couple hours a day to build your business you might decide to spend a little more to hire a virtual assistant to do the work for you, get the website built, buy some leads, and start sending emails. This way of doing things would cost around $100 to $500 dollars.
Can I speak with Andrej and ask questions during the program?
Yes, absolutely! We have a Discord group where you can ask your questions and I personally read all posts in the group. Taking care of our freelance community is very important and I will answer the questions myself if it's necessary. Also other coaches or participants who know the answer can also help you. By joining this program you will get support along your business journey. We don't leave anyone behind here, we will work together every step of the way to make it work and nothing makes me happier than seeing a student achieve their business goals.
How much time will it take to get results from the program?
We designed this program to give you all the strategies and methods you need to get your first sales within the first 4 weeks. How fast you get results really depends on your goals. It really depends, because some people are studying or have a job on the side and just want to build a side business. Others want to live a life of freedom and only work a few hours on their business. While others are really ambitious and hustle to build their freelancing business to massive heights.This program is good whatever your goals are and you can go through it at your own pace. Some people can get results within the first few weeks, some people take longer. At the end of the day, how fast you get results really depends on how much action you take and how hungry you are.
What knowledge, skills or experience do I need to start freelancing?
You don't need any experience, knowledge or skills because you will learn everything in the program. This program is covering absolutely everything you need to know to build your freelancing business from scratch. From picking your niche, to creating your offer, creating your website, getting sales, delivering your services, managing your team and building your business.Also, the beauty of freelancing is that you don't need any particular skill, knowledge or experience since you are not providing the services yourself. The only knowledge that you will need i how to build a business and get sales. And we cover these in great detail in this program. We teach you everything in the fastest and most effective way with a bit a theory and a lot of step-by-step practical coaching. In this program, you will learn all the proven methods and necessary skills to build a successful freelancing business.A degree is not going to help you much in building a business. What you learn at college doesn't teach you how to build a successful business because teachers haven't done it themselves. You want to learn from someone that has done it himself.I started without any skill, knowledge or experience 4 years ago and built my freelancing business from scratch. I figured out a lot of things during these 4 years and was able to create a 6 Figure business. It took me 4 years and a lot of testing to figure everything out.In this program, I give absolutely everything I learned and I don't hold anything back. So you can build your business from scratch and don't need to spend 4 years figuring out all these things. You can just plug in all the methods and strategies and get your business going in a few weeks.
What is the best niche for freelancing?
Well, there are so many niches you can pick to build a successful freelance business. In the program we give a list of the best niches to get into right now. We also give you a precise niche selection process to choose the best niche based on market opportunity and competition.You don't need to have a niche before you join the program. Most people that join the program do so without having their niche picked beforehand. They join first and once in the program they pick their niche using our niche selection strategies. In the first week of the program we teach you exactly how to choose your niche.
What is special about this program compared to others?
Most programs only cover basic concepts without giving you the exact proven strategies, methods, sales scripts and tactics that actually work. Which are the most important parts of a successful business. In those programs you get these theoretical concepts and some methods that don't really work.This happens because most gurus teach you programs without personally doing what they preach. Kevin and I have done this and are doing this, so you will be getting the cutting edge knowledge based on where we are currently at in our real life freelance businesses. Freelancing is completely different from other programs. There is nothing like it out there. Here I am teaching you the exact proven strategies and methods that I am using TODAY to build and run my 6 Figure freelance business. I will show you my website and you will see that my business is operating and making 6 Figures today.I am not holding anything back and you will see absolutely everything I am doing from my niche to how I manage my team, how I get my clients, my sales scripts and even my ads. You can just copy everything to build your own freelancing business.And this business model still works and is actually the best business to start this year but it wont be forever as more people find out about it so it's best to start now, solidify your position, and be a first mover.In this program, we are not going to give you long boring lectures on theoretical concepts you can't use. We give you a little bit of theory so you understand the concepts but in essence the program is a proven practical step-by-step method that you can follow to build your business. It's all about action here and each week we give you action items to implement so you can go to the next level and produce results.
Will freelancing work in my country?
Freelancing is really an international business with potential clients from around the world. We are providing services that solve universal problems for clients worldwide. The location of the client is irrelevant as there is no physical interaction.All communication and services delivery are done online. In my own freelancing business I've served clients in The United States, Canada, India, Philippines, China, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland etc. Also, freelancing is a business that you can manage 100% online. So you can do it from anywhere in the world. The clients don't mind where you are as long as you can provide them the service and solve their problems.In this program you will learn exactly how to do that. I personally managed my freelancing business from my Laptop while traveling around the world: Thailand, Budapest, Belgrade, Poland and many other countries. I would even say that freelancing is the perfect business if you want to travel, work when you want and be free.
I want to get this program but I can't afford it. How can I get it?
I can offer a payment plan where you pay in 3 times so you can get in the program today and you can already start building your business. But if you really want it you will always find a way. There is this saying that "if you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." Not having enough money is a common excuse for not taking action. You can always find the money if you need it. So please stop making excuses and start taking action. Winners are the action takers. And in this program you will learn how to win.
How much time do I need to build my freelancing business? Can I have a job while following this program?
You don't need to quit your job to join the program. Anybody can join and work on freelancing as a side business in the beginning. You can work on it during your free time on evenings for example. If you are still a student at college or have a job, you can start with freelancing as a side hustle. You can work as much or as little as you want. Some students are really driven and work 8 hours per day, others work 2 hours per week. You are completely free to do what you want and build your business at your own pace. Now, I would advise you to keep your job for now and for those at college, to stay at school. Then, once you start making sales consistently and you are making more with this business than with your job, you can transition into doing freelancing full time. That way, it will be a smooth and stress-free transition!
How much do I need to spend on advertising?
The beauty of freelancing is that there are many free and effective ways to reach your customers. You can close sales without even spending a penny. Indeed, it's always good to have a small budget to speed things up but it is not necessary in the beginning. Unlike other business models, you don't need to invest a lot in advertising at the beginning. You can start with free methods and already make high ticket sales with these methods. Then, once you start making sales, the cash flow will be good and you can start reinvesting it into advertising to further scale your business.In this program, we teach you all the free organic and paid methods to get high ticket sales so you can get started quickly for free and then scale your business with paid advertising once you get revenue coming in.